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8 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with this Limited Edition of Renais Gin Featuring Exclusive Artwork from Emma Watson

For a limited time only, Renais is launching an exclusive Renais Artwork Edition, featuring unique illustrations designed, painted and inscribed by Emma herself last summer.

Here are 8 reasons why you should get one before it sells out:


A limited Renais edition featuring artwork created by Emma Watson

Renais is proud to present Artwork Edition, a limited edition featuring unique artwork designed, painted and inscribed by Emma herself last summer. Reminiscent of the “Belle Epoque” style, each bottle is adorned with illustrations inspired by Renais´ heritage.


You can customise your bottle with a Emma´s unique illustrated sticker pack

This Renais Artwork Edition comes with a unique gift: Renais has recreated Emma’s illustrations into a limited addition of blue, purple, bone and gold stickers, the perfect way to customise your bottle.


A gin born from a love story

Inspired by cherished memories of their family’s vineyard in France, Alex and Emma Watson crafted Renais as a love declaration and a heartfelt tribute to the region’s exquisite wines and the magical moments they shared there.

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A proudly British and uniquely French gin

Crafted using grapes from the Watson´s French vineyard, Renais is infused with local handpicked botanicals to create a bold and vibrant gin, proudly British and uniquely French, described as smooth, refreshing and to be enjoyed perfectly chilled.


Created for sharing unique moments

Created to be gifted and shared in the intimacy of friendship and family, this Renais limited edition makes a thoughtful gift to bring to your next Christmas party. From its stunning pack design to its refined taste, Renais is guaranteed to delight everyone.


Ideal sipped over ice or in a cocktail

A versatile gin at its core, Renais is perfect for winter time. Whether you’re savoring it neat on a chill evening, mixing it into a refreshing G&T in the warm comfort of your home, or experimenting with it in your favorite cocktail, Renais promises an unforgettable experience.

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Loved by the press and customers alike

There's a reason Renais has been featured in The Financial Times, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and more. The Evening Standard poetically referred to tasting Renais as “drinking in the landscape” and Forbes described it as a “truly delicious little family legacy”. With dozens of 5 star reviews, cocktail lovers all over are loving the complexity of that bold and vibrant gin and the touching family story behind the golden bottle.


Conveniently delivered to your door

Ordering Renais Artwork Edition is a breeze! Simply go online and enjoy free shipping on all your orders.

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Our customers find Renais "delicious" and "sophisticated"

5/5 Stars (300+ purchases)

“Freshness and delicacy”

I love Renais Gin for its freshness and delicacy at the same time, being a very diverse drink that makes you discover a new, much more sophisticated knowledge on your palate.


“Perfect summer tipple”

The bottle is beautiful and the packaging completely recyclable. The gin is delicious! Slightly citrus, making it the perfect summer tipple.


“Beautiful packaging and bottle”

Bottle looks beautiful in my spirits cabinet! The mushroom packaging I also thought was a lovely touch (I hate throwing away loads of plastic after a delivery). We made negronis over the weekend and they were delicious, great with a blood orange garnish.


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Renais Mushroom Packaging with Limited Edition Artwork Edition Sleeve.

- 1x Renais Gin (70cl)

- 1x Renais Illustrated Sticker Pack

- Renais Mushroom Packaging with Limited Edition Artwork Edition Sleeve.

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