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Renais bottle next to a cocktail and bunch of grapes with vineyard in background
The renais story

Cultivated in France, Distilled in England.

Renais bottle on rock

Born from winemaking tradition

The Watson family have a deep-rooted connection with Burgundy wines and the beautiful countryside that surrounds them. Chris Watson planted his vines in Chablis more than three decades ago and has been producing award-winning wines ever since. He is also the only Englishman to have been made a Pilier of Chablis – an honour bestowed on those crafting exemplary expressions of Chablis wine and safeguarding the interests of the region. You can try it here

A bottle of Renais on a table with a plate of food

Inspired by a passion for Burgundy

Renais is inspired by the people, produce and provenance of burgundy, an iconic wine region in France. The area is home to a wine cultivated over generations and a world-renowned terroir, and both are reborn in Renais, a vibrant and delicious modern gin inspired by the region and it's artisans, and imbued with the distinctive flavour of grape skins. Renais means 'rebirth' in French, and that's a nod not only to how the spirit is crafted from upcycled grapes, but also the winemaking heritage that comes before it.

Vineyard landscape

Continuing a family legacy

Today, Alex and Emma Watson are proud to have created Renais, which sees the terroir of Domaine Watson reborn in a unique spirit, using upcycled grapeskins from the winemaking process including their family vineyard. Led by Alex, an experienced drinks industry professional, Renais continues the family’s legacy of showcasing the very best of the region's terroir.

Our values

Elevating and inspiring

From beautiful, original and contemporary cocktails created for Renais’s unique flavour profile to beautifully curated merchandise, Renais aims to elevate the gin-drinking experience and inspire those who drink it.

Drinking and doing better

We set ourselves high standards and always consider the impact of our actions. We are committed to working hard on our vineyards and the distillery and evaluate every step from from grape to glass. Our conscientious work with our supply chain, our consumers and the drinks industry results in a gin that's not just delicious, but made with genuine care.

Balancing old and new

Renais is a modern interpretation of a heritage product – a 21st-century gin whose roots go back generations. Everything from our production process and bottle to the spirit inside it pays homage to what came before, but lives in the here and now.

Our process

Natural botanicals


Iconic terroir

Pressed Grand Cru Grapes

The flavour of Burgundy and the foundation of Renais

Kimmeridgian stone

Chablis terroir

Kimmeridgian stone

The essence of Chablis, offering structure and minerality

Lemon Peel

Bold and fresh

Lemon peel

Luscious and aromatic, with zesty top notes and crisp acidity

Juniper better

Piney and vibrant

Juniper berries

The quintessential gin botanical, with citrus-like character

Coriander Seeds

Warming and spicy

Coriander seeds

Beautifully piquant, with a kick of deep, rich flavour

Linden flower

Softly aromatic

Linden flowers

Lightly sweet and herbaceous, with fresh garden flavours


Robust and peppery

Cubeb Berries

Giving a subtle warmth and spiciness to complement other botanicals

Sweet and floral

Acacia honey

Lusciously rich, providing sweetness and light floral notes

Angelica Root

herbal and earthy

Angelica root

Aromatic, pungent, earthy flavour with a slight sweetness and a herbal note.


delicious and citrussy

Lime Slices

Bright, refreshing and zesty.

Rock Salt

complex minerality

Rock Salt

A hint of minerality, which adds complexity and depth to the overall flavour.

Born from winemaking tradition and created with upcycled grapes, Renais is distinctive gin inspired by the people, produce and provenance of Burgundy.

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