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5 Reasons Why Cocktail Lovers Start 2024 by Joining Exclusive Membership Club Renais Privé

Are you passionate about cocktails and curious to explore new heights of taste and elegance?

Here are 5 reasons why cocktail lovers chose to join Renais Privé to start 2024:


Elevate your cocktail-making game to an art form

Get access to exclusive Renais Cocktail Masterclasses led by industry legend Jack Sotti & Renais founder Alex Watson. Open to novices and more experienced amateurs alike.


Join a community of like-minded cocktail lovers

Don't just follow a brand—become part of the Renais legacy. Start 2024 by joining the first community centered around the passion for great cocktails.


Access exclusive behind the scenes content

Renais Privé is the #1 content platform for cocktail lovers with exclusive content for members-only. sign up for 24-hour preview access to all content.


Access to members-only offers and competitions

Love Renais gin and its limited editions? Renais Privé members get access in exclusivity to unique offers and prizes, as well as news and updates not available to non-members.


There is more to come

Sign-up to Renais Privé today to stay in the know.

Renais is "delicious" and "sophisticated"

5/5 Stars (1,000+ purchases)

“Freshness and delicacy”

I love Renais Gin for its freshness and delicacy at the same time, being a very diverse drink that makes you discover a new, much more sophisticated knowledge on your palate.


“Perfect summer tipple”

The bottle is beautiful and the packaging completely recyclable. The gin is delicious! Slightly citrus, making it the perfect summer tipple.


“Beautiful packaging and bottle”

Bottle looks beautiful in my spirits cabinet! The mushroom packaging I also thought was a lovely touch (I hate throwing away loads of plastic after a delivery). We made negronis over the weekend and they were delicious, great with a blood orange garnish.